5 Tricks to Fast-Track Your Public Speaking Success


Most people fear public speaking more than they fear death, spiders, heights and confined spaces.

No joke.

According to the World Health Organization, three out of four people suffer from speech anxiety. That’s 75% of the world population.

And while I hate to say it, this means that public speaking just might be a killer platform for you to add to your marketing mix.

Maybe you’re already booked solid with gigs. (Cool!)

Maybe you’d like to become a more powerful and effective speaker.

Either way, instead of leaving your speaking success to chance, here are 5 tricks of the trade you need to know to get the most from your efforts:

Trick #1: Learn to Sell From the Stage.

Some people get paid to speak. Others forgo a fee and instead request a chance to sell from the stage. Selling from the stage means you position your product, service or offer from the time you walk on until the time your presentation is done. This is an enormously strategic approach – it’s WAY BIGGER than just schlepping your binders with you and having a table at the back of the room. My best advice: hire a coach. Selling from the stage is part art, part science. The $$$ you spend to learn the skill will come back 10-fold.

Trick #2: Include Stories in Your Presentation.

This was tough for me because I’m a fact blaster. I love to share who did what, what the results were, percentages, what to do next, etc. But when I started adding STORIES, it changed the way my audience related to my message.  Try it. People love, love, love stories so tell yours. Share client success stories. It’s what people will remember most when your time together is done.

Trick #3: Make Your Presentation Experiential.

No one, and I mean no one, will give you their undivided attention for an extended period of time.  It’s impossible. Knowing that, make your presentation interactive. Include worksheets, exercises, time to think, time to network, etc. Your audience will stay engaged and you’ll be remembered for your dynamic presentation.

Trick #4: Ask to Keep in Touch.

Your audience just heard you share your brilliance. Give them a way to stay connected with you.  I distribute a 1-sheet and ask attendees to complete the form if they’d like to hear from me. It’s an elegant (and super easy) way to continue building the relationship.

Trick #5: Fee vs. Free.

I’m not a huge fan of free unless conversions are your zone of genius. That said, public speaking ranks darn high on the credibility and authority scale. Tread lightly. Know your goals. If your goal is to expand your audience, go for it. If you already have a rockin’ business, know what it would take to get you out of your business and on to the stage.

Taking well-thought steps to elevate your speaking game will position you as an effective, credible business leader.  When you master this skill, it will also have a positive impact on your bottom-line.

What’s one public speaking strategy my peeps need to know? I invite you to share your thoughts and comments below.


Be a Legend!

Brook Kreder
Experts and Empires

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  1. ReneeNo Gravatar says:

    Loved, Loved, Loved what you had to teach today, Brook! So, Selling from the stage and story telling is something I need to get much better at, because those two items are not as strong as they need to be.

    To sell from the stage, we need to address the audiences needs, hesitations and objections? Any other tips?
    Thanks in advance..

    • BrookNo Gravatar says:

      Hey Renee!

      The only other thing I’d say is to seed what you’re selling from the beginning (i.e. don’t just wait for the end). Doesn’t matter if it’s a product or service, it has a place in your presentation (several times) throughout. I know you’ll do great! —


  2. Adam DukesNo Gravatar says:

    Some great advice! I just ran my very first workshop for local businesses last week. Only had 2 people show up, but my goal; was to just do it! I have another one set up for 1/10/13 and plan to run a few/month.

    I would like to charge, but need to get a bit better on stage before I feel comfortable charging. Thanks for the tip on hiring a coach, I have thought of it and it certainly makes sense.
    Adam Dukes recently posted..How to Start Your Corporate BlogMy Profile

    • BrookNo Gravatar says:

      Congratulations Adam! Most people would dismiss 2 people…but the fact that you did exactly as you intended is AWESOME! Kudos to you! The best part about working with a coach is that you can continue to speak for free (if you choose) and learn the magic formula(s) for selling from the front of the room. Or, you’ll get more comfortable charging…either way. Count me in your cheering section and Happy New Year!

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