5 Ways to Develop a Mentor Mentality


Life is crazy, chaotic and complex.

There isn’t one person on the planet who doesn’t have a to-do list that flows onto a second page.

Maybe even a third.

And our continual hunger to stay connected, available and plowing forward doesn’t help. It usually means we run out of time every day long before every item on our to-do list is checked off.

I get it.

Because we live in an egocentric society, most of us run around focused on our personal goals, dreams, visions of a grand life, building our bank accounts, etc.

Which means there isn’t a lot of time left over to care about someone else’s evolution, growth and success.

But here’s the deal.

When you show someone else the ropes, you create a legacy that lasts long past the time you’re done leading.

Raising people to a higher level and helping them be successful involves more than giving them information or skills. The process is complicated…it’s a commitment in time, energy and heart. If you’re ready to adopt a mentor mentality, these steps will get you started:

#1 Make Developing Others Your Top Priority.

It’s so much easier to dismiss people than it is to take part in their development. When you teach others what they need to know to carry on without you, everyone wins. (And your organization will too!) You’ve heard this before…help others succeed and you too will be successful.

#2 Throw ROI Out The Window.

Don’t agree to be a mentor and expect something in return (money, status, recognition, etc.) That’s not the way it works. Expect nothing back except personal satisfaction…i.e. the joy of witnessing someone else take flight.

#3 Employ Hands-On Training.

Don’t just tell someone what to do. Show them. Create “on the job” opportunities for them to participate and learn. Whenever you do something that you’d like to impart, take your mentee with you. Experience is the best teacher.

#4 Be a Chief Encourager.

There are far too many messages of disempowerment and dis-ease in the world today. If you are in the processes of raising someone up, then you need to become one of his or her staunchest supporters. A person with strong self-esteem is ripe for success.

# 5 Limit Who You Take Along.

Being an effective mentor takes time and effort. Be mindful when you select the people you’d like to support. It does no good if you spread yourself too thin and/or can’t commit to the role in a meaningful way. I’m not saying you should only mentor one person, but I sure wouldn’t recommend a bus full.

You don’t need to be the fastest, brightest, or wealthiest to be a high-impact mentor – you just need the desire and commitment to help others succeed. Today I encourage you to take someone else along on your ride. I guarantee your efforts will have a lasting positive impact and send your personal joy factor off-the-charts.

Do you mentor someone? Do you have a mentor? I’d love for you to share your experience below…


Be a Legend!

Brook Kreder
Experts and Empires

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  1. Hi Brook,
    Thanks for the great post on mentoring and most of all for sharing it with the BizSugar community. The advice about helping other entrepreneurs prosper is true on so many levels! And while it isn’t about ROI certainly, the fact remains that you often help yourself as you help others.
    Heather Stone recently posted..5 Ways to Develop a Mentor MentalityMy Profile

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