7 Deadly Marketing Sins (And How to Avoid Them!)


Whatever business you’re in, you’re in the marketing business first.

Unfortunately, most small business owners never got that memo.

You know, the one that says you have to be the smartest, fastest, coolest AND a master marketer too.

Most business owners I know started their business because they love what they do. They’re the best at their craft.

But they shy away from marketing and sales.

Here’s the deal. Without marketing, you’re dead in the water. If you aren’t willing to promote your products or services, you’re going to have a tough time building a sustainable, (never mind successful), business.

There are dozens of ways small business owners’ crash and burn in their marketing. And I get it, because you’re pretty darn busy running your business. That said, here are my 7 deadliest marketing sins and how to avoid them:

#1. Zero Consistency.

Not only must you perform the same marketing functions over and over, (blog, social media posts, direct mail, e-zines, etc.), but your brand needs to be consistent. Too many businesses throw together a brochure, a website, a post card and a newspaper ad and each piece looks different.  An easy fix is to designate one designer as the ambassador of your brand. Consistency matters…and it helps eliminate confusion with you potential buyer.

#2. One Platform Pony.

The biggest mistake business owners make is that they believe only one type of marketing works.  Typically, that single (and expensive) strategy is advertising. Remember, not all of your potential clients will read the paper, hear your radio spot or see your ad on Facebook.  A strong marketing plan will include a variety of outlets that deliver your message effectively.

#3. Past Failures Stop You.

No one likes to talk about failure. (It’s not cool or sexy). We live in a culture that reveres success, no matter how you get there, and is sickened by and afraid of failure. The truth is a lot of marketing tactics don’t produce outrageous results right out of the gate. Do your homework on what’s working today. Find a mentor. When you know what doesn’t work, you’re one step closer to producing results with what does.

#4 You Wait For Inspiration.

In the book Turning Pro, Steven Pressfield shares, “The professional doesn’t wait for inspiration; he acts in anticipation of it.” No one said being an entrepreneur was a bucket of fun every single day. Market when you want to. When you don’t. When you’re inspired. When you aren’t. And know that inspiration will come. (Hey, it’s probably right around the corner…)

#5 You Ignore Offline Marketing.

I have worked with dozens of small businesses this year and I promise you, 80-95% of their income is generated through offline marketing tactics. Not from social media. Not from SEO. Not from their email list. So, implement a keep-in-touch plan. Get out and shake hands. Ask for referrals. It’s the fastest way to cash while you’re building your online empire.

#6 Metrics Schmetrics.

If you don’t measure your marketing, how do you know you’re winning? If you aren’t tracking results, how can you possibly improve your return? A few easy numbers to track in your business are conversions, sales, opt-in percentage, referrals, social media audience, website visits and list size. Commit to knowing your numbers and you’ll make much smarter decisions.

#7 Audience Expansion.

It’s very difficult to sell something if you don’t have anyone to sell too. Most entrepreneurs don’t spend enough time or money to expand the number of people in their network, which chokes their growth. As your sphere of influence expands, so will your pocketbook.

Marketing is part science and part art. Your ultimate goal is to build an authentic connection with your potential customers and sway their thoughts and actions. When you sidestep these seven deadly sins, I guarantee you’ll see a sizable spike in your return on marketing.

What do you consider a deadly marketing sin? How to do you overcome a marketing challenge? I welcome your comments below…

Be a Legend!

Brook Kreder
Experts and Empires

P.S. According to StatisticBrain.com, the average person spends 15 hours and 33 minutes on Facebook per month.  If you’d rather spend that time implementing tactics that will ramp up your online marketing, click here for my FREE business builder double pack.



  1. Diane ZellerNo Gravatar says:

    Hello My Friend!
    This was a great way to take a snap shot at what we are doing. A couple things that stood out right away is 1) I have been struggling with inspiration. What to do next. At the very lease, keep on doing what we have committed to to ie, the newsletter, blog, KIT marketing, get some more activities on the calendar. 2) We have done a little better with looking at our stats but need to do better. Happily, we continue to work on consistancy, we are Not a one platform pony! :) We have not ignored offline marketing! :) AHHH! Good reminder about past failures. I do tend to let current events dictate to me what I think my success has been. It is that elusive not knowing exactly how high the mountain is at any given time. If week keep going, there is a promise that we will get to the top.. It is the “when” that is not known. If we stop, it is a guarantee that the top of the mountain and the coast down the other side will NEVER be seen. Thanks for the check up. Think we are still on the right track! Love ya!

  2. BrookNo Gravatar says:

    Diane…inspiration (especially this time of year) is a struggle for any business owner. And you’re right, if you stop, it IS A GUARANTEE that the top of the mountain (and the coast) will NEVER be reached. Sometimes it’s a walk of faith just to put one foot in front of the other everyday…keep going and I know we’ll meet at the summit! Hugs back,


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