Small Business Advice: So you want to have it all? DO THIS.


There is a colossal difference between getting by and gettin’ it done.

Getting by means playing it safe, sometimes even small.

Doing what’s yours to do every day and no more.

Taking on projects and doing them half-assed. (And never doing any of them exceedingly well because there are too many on your plate or your heart just isn’t in it.)

Hiding behind administrative tasks because it’s easier than trying to sell something.

The problem is, when you just get by, you are essentially handing over your power and your outcomes to forces outside of your business.


small business marketing, marketing expert, small business coach, small business coaching, strategic planning, have it all, give your all, success in business, take actionIt’s common for people to hire me when they are tired of “just getting by.” (And hey, they know when this is because they feel angry, irritated, or have this inner-knowing that they could be doing sooooooo much more.)

My clients feel this way because somewhere along the way they turned down the volume in their business in return for perceived security.

Or because they thought it was easier.

Or they stopped believing they could HAVE more.

Or frankly, they lost their mojo.

Unfortunately, when you just get by, you can’t possibly win. Because in order to HAVE IT ALL, (money, time off, more help, freedom), you have to GIVE IT YOUR ALL.

Not for just one hour. Not for just one day.

Every single moment of every single day that you’re the owner.

(No wonder people are tempted to throw in the towel and go to work for someone else!)

Getting’ in done is a lot more work.  But the reward is worth the effort and risk.

When you do what’s yours to do in your business and then do even more…that’s when things start to ROCK.

You suddenly sell more. You attract a high-level, kick-ass client.

You deliver a program that impacts people’s lives in a memorable way.

Your confidence soars, producing more money, freedom, and impact.  And then the cycle starts again.

Is it time for you to HAVE IT ALL? DO THIS:


  1. Take Action. What’s the very next step you can take in your business? Big. Small. Hard. Fun. Scary. Identify one thing you are willing to right now and DO IT. There’s a great deal of freedom in taking action, it will boost your confidence and move your business forward in ways you didn’t know were possible.
  2. Let what FREAKS you LEAD you. There are times in your business you have to go all the way to the edge. And then decided whether or not you want to jump.  Doing what makes you uncomfortable will create new opportunities, along with a new normal. Try doing one thing outside of your comfort zone every day for a week. See what happens.
  3. Do it Anyway. I can’t tell you how many times I get the full run-down of all the reason why someone can’t do something. Reasons are excuses in drag. Do the work when you want to. When you don’t. When you’re sick. When you’re soaring. No one said owning a business was easy…but the only way to win is to DO THE WORK.


Leaders and small business owners who commit to taking big, BOLD actions consistently are the ones who experience the most powerful results in their business. What’s one thing you can do today to jumpstart your momentum? Go do it! (And tell me what you plan to do below…)

Be a Legend!

Brook Kreder
Experts and Empires

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  1. Brook,
    All really inspiring stuff and I’d like to be the first to welcome you to the BizSugar community. It’s very easy, too easy as it turns out, to get in a rut in your business. Maybe you went out and got those first couple of clients with a lot of urgency to launch your business and then things ended up on cruise control. My experience is that the biggest culprit is that, once those first few clients come on board, we end up working in our businesses rather than working on our businesses. Handling those clients day to day instead of out there looking for ways to expand what we’re doing turns into something too much like a nine-to-five job. Trouble is, if you’re not growing your business, often inertia will drag you in the opposite direction. I look forward to reading a lot more of your posts and hope you’ll stay an active member of our community.
    Heather Stone recently posted..Blogging: Howard Stern And Great ContentMy Profile

    • BrookNo Gravatar says:

      I agree Heather, and you make a great point…there’s a fine line between in and on your business. It amazing how many people start a business only to discover they bought themselves a job. *UGH*. Thanks for the warm welcome, I look forward to our paths crossing soon!

  2. StephenNo Gravatar says:

    Brook, I just discovered your site and I am glad that I did! So refreshing to find someone willing to tell it like it is (swearing and all). :)

    When starting out and you’re going at it solo, the time is going to come where administrative tasks will become overwhelming and prevent you from devoting enough time to things that will help you grow. As you mentioned above, the time comes where you just have to shift focus and take action.

    In my experience, I had to quickly evaluate what my strengths were and what my weaknesses were. While I continue to work on my weaker areas, I’ve outsourced many of those tasks (technical issues like HTML, web design, etc.) so they don’t hold my business up in the meantime.
    Stephen recently posted..Pinterest Officially Launches Business AccountsMy Profile

    • BrookNo Gravatar says:

      Hey Stephen – your post made me think of one of the first articles I ever wrote…Stop trying to do what you were born to suck at. Funny thing is, as a small business owner you get increasingly clear on what your zone of genius is…and you’re oh so willing to let the tasks your bad at move on to someone else. I look forward to checking out your site!

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