The Fool-Proof Formula for Protecting Your Confidence


You wake up one day and decide to be an entrepreneur.

So you set up a corporation. Open a bank account. Print a flyer.

Reconnect with your peeps on social media. Land your first client. (Woo Hoo!)

And slowly but surely, through fires, failures, tribulations and miracles, you start to grow your business.

(If you’ve been there, you know how good this feels!)

But somewhere along the way, small, seemingly insignificant events start to take chunks out of your armor. (I.e. YOUR confidence.)

An unhappy customer. An ill-mannered employee.  A lost sale.

And after a while, when things aren’t going your way…you start to look around and notice how well everyone else seems to be doing.

And you get irritated. Frustrated.

Hell, even jealous.

That’s when it’s super easy for your confidence, (in your skills, abilities and gifts), to waver.

I get it.

I don’t have to tell you how awful it feels to lose (or even kind-of lose) your confidence. But what I can do is encourage you to set up systems and processes to PROTECT YOUR CONFIDENCE.

At all costs.

Your confidence is the #1 asset in your business. Without it, you’re dead in the water. So below I’ve outlined my super-easy, no-brainer, 3-pronged confidence boosting formula…

  1. Stop comparing the back of your house to the front of someone else’s. When you look at other people’s businesses, all you see is what they want you to see. You don’t have a private, VIP view of what’s not working. And there’s probably a lot. So first things first, stop comparing.
  2. Keep your eye on YOUR game. If there’s something in your business that triggers you, get rid of it. For example, if you’re friends with someone on face book and their posts make you bat shit, remove them from your friend list. Your primary role as a business owner is to do what’s YOURS to do. Nothing more, nothing less.
  3. Get support. Be it technology or adding a person to the front line of your business, put systems in place so you’re not the one always dealing with the challenge. I know lots of business owners who don’t look at their e-mail unsubscribes and this small tweak to their technology prevents full-on meltdowns.

The most important thing you can do for your business is to keep your eye on your own game. Take care of your existing customers. Worry about your own house instead of lusting after someone else’s. Employ other people or technology to create a first-line of defense.

Put this fool-proof formula in place and you, your business and your customers will all benefit.

Have a confidence-booster formula of your own? Please leave a comment below!

Be a Legend!

Brook Kreder
Experts and Empires

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  1. Hi Brook,
    I have to say this is a gutsy and awesome post!..and totally right about preserving one’s confidence at all costs. I’ve had my setbacks and troubles, and at one point I really began to lose that feeling that I know what I’m doing…you know? But I regrouped and realized, I guess in a Randian way, that you just can’t mind someone else’s garden…you’ve got to take care of your own, and your own priorities. And yet, there’s a balance to be achieved between getting feedback from others, the world about you, and being courageous in the face of criticism. Hmm….well, love the post!
    Heather Stone recently posted..8 Dos and Don’ts for Breaking Up with a ClientMy Profile

    • BrookNo Gravatar says:

      Hey Heather – thanks for the note. I had to laugh about the gutsy bit…I never thought of it that way but true! I too have learned over time to give of your fruit, not of your root…i.e. value others and their opinions, but protect that which nourishes and grows you. I loved your note, thanks for sharing your wisdom! –Brook

  2. TerriNo Gravatar says:

    Brooke, you sooo nailed it! That is exactly what was holding my business back! We talked about all the “stuff” going on in my life and how I knew what it was doing to the success and growth (or lack thereof) of my new business. I knew what was wrong but it just took me a little time to fix it! Now, my business has literally exploded and I am now looking to hire help and starting to price office space!! Thanks for all your support and sharing your wisdom! I will admit, I am still a little scared of the changes that I know need to come to complete this portion of my journey, but I also know that I will get through it and my life will be better for it! I can’t wait til you are back in town again!

  3. NealNo Gravatar says:

    Great video Brook! “YOU KNOW what’s yours to do. Don’t be distracted.” I like this. And we do know. We need to stay true to the course. I do believe our confidence is our #1 asset, and we don’t realize this until we have lost it, and then get it back.

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