Here’s why I created a home study program
devoted to teaching you marketing strategies
that can double (even triple) your sales.

Because you deserve to know the truth.


In addition to telling you the truth, I created the Empire Blueprint Home Study Course for YOU.

A Business Owner who is...

  • Weary of going it alone, struggling to make ends meet.
  • Overwhelmed, burned out, and frustrated.
  • Tired of investing in programs that never really teach you HOW to build your business.
  • Sick of spending your hard-earned money on marketing that generates no return.
  • Hiding from sales and marketing but knowing you need to. Desperately.
  • Letting your itty bitty crappy committee (negative thoughts) rule the day and wreck your business. 

Sound familiar?

Here’s Truth #1.

I have struggled. REALLY STRUGGLED.

In 2007 I began publishing a magazine.

I thought I knew everything there was to know about marketing...

After all, I’d been helping other people market their business my entire career.

The first issue went to print October 2007.

And the day we uploaded to the printer I knew I had made a mistake. It didn’t take me long to figure out that the marketing landscape was changing...quickly and drastically.

Over the course of the next three years, I watched my sales ebb and flow but mostly ebb.

So, being the creative entrepreneur I am...we diversified into internet radio and event planning.


So we could keep cash flow going and pull more money out of the market.

But no one told me how thin my time and energy would be spread. I was wiped out and unsure of how to move forward. I was losing my sanity, and my confidence, by the day.

I remember sitting at my desk getting ready to send out my weekly e-mail and post an update to face book. I was so freakin’ tired.

Tired of the grind.

Tired of working my tail off for very little return.

Exhausted at the thought of doing one more thing to grow my business.

I hit burn out and didn’t have the right tools to come back from it.

I sold the magazine and let the radio show go.

I had an offer from a large corporation to buy my events company but I couldn’t muster the energy or the interest to do anything about it.

I spent 4 months painting every piece of trim in my house. (It was the one thing I could control if you know what I mean.)

I wanted so badly to be successful.

I worked harder than anyone I knew. I gave more. Took a beating and kept going. But I didn’t have the tools then to turn my business in to an empire.

So after I sold the magazine, I went on the hunt for the truth.

I researched, studied, and attended seminars, read dozens of books...all in search of the answers that had eluded me as an entrepreneur. I spent tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours searching for the one thing that would have turned it all around and made me a success.

Truth #2.

The truth is there isn’t just one thing that will build your business and make you an overnight success.

But there are marketing strategies that can pay off big time.

And that is why I created Empire Blueprint.

Because I don’t want you to struggle the way I did.

You can have what you want in your business and your life...

But you must be willing to do the work. Consistently.

Empire Blueprint isn’t a magic pill. It won’t make you an entrepreneurial sensation overnight.

But it will teach you, step-by-step, how-to build
a business that supports your vision for your life
and turns your passion into profits.

Most people never reach the level of success they are capable of because they quit.

They quit on themselves, their dreams, and their ideas long before their actions have a chance to take root and bear fruit.

That’s why having a plan, and working your plan, consistently, is non-negotiable.

Empire Blueprint is the plan...all you have to do is show up and do the work.

I’m almost embarrassed to share how much good *stuff* is packed into this program.

Remember...I searched high and low for the best of the best marketing strategies to double, (even triple), your sales.

And I put it all together so that you have a clear road map, a step-by-step strategy, for building your empire.

Truth #3.

Some of the stuff I teach you will already know. 

But if you’re not making money from it then it doesn’t count.

Some of these strategies will be foreign to you...or so easy you will put your head to your desk and wonder why you haven’t been using them all along.

But don’t just take my word for it...

The Blueprint program was highly practical and full of excellent cutting edge content that every entrepreneur needs for their practice. Brook really cares about her clients, is highly intuitive, and has energy and enthusiasm that is contagious. She walks her talk and gives an honest view of what is required to move your business to the next level. I am confident in how this program will benefit my practice!

Suzanne Simpson, Licensed Therapist and Life Renewal Coach

Think Empire Blueprint might be right for you?
Here’s a quick taste of what you’ll learn:

  • Your former, current and potential clients are the foundation of your business...learn elegant strategies to build your list and your empire.
  • 3 E’s of referral marketing and how to ask so that you have a consistent stream of new clients.
  • Find and connect with your IDEAL clients and turn them into paying customers who say yes to you over and over.
  • The hard sell doesn’t work anyway, so why bother? Learn how serving your clients consistently lets you sell to them.
  • Keep in touch pressure ways to follow-up with your clients to generate a fortune.  
  • How to leverage what you’re already doing by creating information products and program launches to double or triple your sales.
  • Reverse engineer your revenue plan to finally get the RESULTS you deserve. 

Here’s what Empire Blueprint students are saying...

“There are glimpses of a great and exciting plan for our business emerging! Whew! Moving on with the plan of creating a solid list and now adding the wonderful content of what you gave us in Module is really starting to come together. All the defining of who we are, who our peeps are, what our content is - is really helping to purge a lot of garbage! You are a genius!”

Earl and Diane Zeller, Crystal Key Inn Bed and Breakfast

Empire Blueprint will also give you the tools
you need to create an empire mind-set.

An empire mindset means that from the beginning, you understand your goal is to build your empire...not just be the worker bee.

You must ruthlessly pursue protecting, honing, and honoring your vision and attracting others to walk along side you to help carry it out.

If you’re willing to adopt the empire mindset, you must read on.

I created Empire Blueprint because you deserve to know the truth. You deserve a road map that can get you there if you show up and do the work consistently.

Here’s why Kate took the leap...

“Ideas? Check. Big dreams? I got them. Passion? More than you can imagine. Implementation? I now have a plan!  I invested in Brook's Empire Blueprint program because I know that I need some structure, accountability, and support to make my dreams a reality. From the moment I met Brook, I knew that I wanted to work with her—she truly has a gift for helping others reach their potential.  I can't wait to get started!”

Kate Stoltzfus,

Here’s what the Empire Blueprint Home Study Course includes:

  • A 3-ring binder loaded with handouts, worksheets and swipe and deploy templates you can put to work in your business immediately for results.

  • Nine DVDs of me and you jammin’ at my desk (you’ll feel like we’re in the same room). I’ll be right next to you every step of the way teaching you marketing strategies that can get you exactly where you want to go...
  • All of this will be shipped to your business or home office so you can get started ASAP.

And there’s more.

When I host Empire Blueprint as a group coaching program the tuition is $997. (And that’s a steal because it includes loads of personal access to me.)

And I know that the 1-on-1 calls (so you can ask questions and get specific answers for your business) are IMPORTANT.

In fact, I’ve heard from my past students it changed the game for them...and I don’t want to rob you of this important piece.

That’s why I’m also including:

Two 60 minute calls with me so you can ask questions, get additional support and skyrocket your business to the next level.


I’ll send you my Empire Mindset Strategy Mp3 Pack that includes powerful insider secrets you need to know to take your vision all the way...

  • Amp Up Your Celebrity interview with radio host Dave Amick of US92. Dave shares do’s and don’ts to prepare for media exposure and how you can use that time to shine. (It’s easier than you think...take Dave’s word for it...he interviews big names like Keith Urban, Josh Owens...major country music stars!)
  • Without Self-Care You’ll Never Get interview with top personal trainer Shari Mitteco of Your Fabulous Body. Shari shares wisdom for how to fuel your body for ultimate success. (You’ll learn from one of the best...I have worked with Shari personally and lost 8 percent body fat and 12 pounds in under 5 minutes a day.)

All of these item together (the binder, DVDs, 1-on-1 calls and the Empire Mindset Strategy Pack) have a value of $1997.

But I want you to have the success you know you’re worthy of and that you deserve.

That’s why you pick up your own copy for just $497.

Truth #4.

I know it’s scary to take the leap and invest in your business. A few months ago I hired a coach and joined a high-level mastermind group.

The decision was a big one.

The tuition was more than I had ever spent in my life on anything that had the potential to grow my business. (Including my MBA.)

I wondered where the money would come from.

I wondered if I would earn my money back.

So when it came time to make the decision...

I went for it.


Because I knew that if I continued to do what I had always done I would experience the exact same results. And that just wasn’t good enough anymore.

I’m so confident that you’ll see results from the Empire Blueprint Home Study program that I am offering you a money back guarantee.

If you show up 1000 percent with your hair on fire, do every single thing I teach you and do not see results in your business...

I will refund 100% of your
, no questions asked.


And I’ll give you 6 months to decide.

So, what are you waiting for?


“There are, when it all boils down, two kinds of people in this world: people who
talk about getting things done, and people who actually do those things. Brook Kreder
is one of the few people I’ve ever worked with who can not only see with exceptional
clarity what needs to be done, but knows exactly how to get you there. She walks the
walk, and makes sure you do, too.”

E. Metz, Founder, Hometown Girl

The only “Yes!” you need in your business is yours...make this the year you build a knockout business.

P.S. If you’re on the fence, I want you to know right now that I am serious about my leap-and-the-net-will-appear guarantee on this program. This means if you’re not 100 percent satisfied, I will refund your money. No questions asked. I’ll even give you 6 months to decide. All the risk is on me.

P.P.S. You are worth it. Your vision is worth it. So is your business. Warren Buffet says that investing in yourself offers a higher return than anything else you could possibly invest in. I believe him. Do you?